AEW Breaks Bloody New Ground With Unsanctioned Women’s Match

By | March 17, 2021

AEW brought an unsanctioned, falls count anywhere match to Dynamite this week. That contest with Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa both closed out the night and stole the show.

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AEW broke ground in many ways with this lights out match. Rosa and Baker fought around Daily’s Place. Then Britt Baker nailed a curb stomp on Thunder Rosa while she was on the ramp steps. This busted Thunder Rosa open.

Baker hit a suplex off the second rope onto a stack of chairs in the ring. Then Rebel pulled out a ladder for Baker to use. Rosa drove Baker’s face into the ladder on a reversal. Then Rosa sandwiched a ladder on Baker and she dropkicked it, busting Britt Baker open the hard way.

Britt Baker was bleeding badly at this point as Thunder Rosa continued her assault.

Baker’s head continued pouring blood as they continued fighting on the top rope. They wedged a ladder off the ropes and Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver on Baker off the ladder for a two count.

Baker hit a curb stomp for a two count, and she had a big bloody smile on her face. Then Baker got out her glove for the Lockjaw submission hold. Rebel handed Baker a bag of thumbtacks and she spread them over the ring.

Then Thunder Rosa reversed a move and almost put Baker into the tacks. Rebel interfered, but Rosa put her through a table. Then Rosa nailed a powerbomb on Baker onto the thumbtacks for a two count.

The match ended as Thunder Rosa hit a Fire Thunder Driver through a table on the outside for the pinfall. This was a brutal, history-making contest.