AEW Dominated WWE In United States Search Trends This Week, But Not Worldwide

By | December 4, 2020

AEW captured a ton of attention when Sting debuted during Winter Is Coming. That boost of momentum was evident when looking at the numbers after the event.

Sting’s AEW debut is currently sitting at 1.5 million views on YouTube. They had 1.2 million views by the next day after the Winter Is Coming special aired. The company also dominated WWE in searches for the United States market.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that a majority of WWE’s YouTube attention comes from India. Those fans watch a lot of WWE videos on YouTube. This is evident by the worldwide search numbers which you can also see below.

WWE has the huge YouTube advantage of popularity in India that AEW doesn’t really have at close to that level, and that’s where most YouTube wrestling views come from.

It is interesting to compare the two charts for United States and Worldwide. Searches for “AEW” didn’t come close to those for “WWE,” that trend seemed to level off at a higher number for AEW in the days following Winter Is Coming.

The worldwide numbers didn’t see that much of a spike when Sting debuted for AEW, but the program is also not live in most of the world outside of the USA unless those fans are watching through Fite TV.

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