AEW Reveals Video Of Backstage Aftermath Following Britt Baker & Thunder Rosa Match

By | March 18, 2021

Britt Baker lost the unsanctioned match with Thunder Rosa, but it was a brutal and bloody display of pro wrestling. AEW has revealed footage from after the event.

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Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker were both bloody after the match. Tony Khan can be seen in the video telling Britt Baker that this was one of the best shows they’ve ever done, thanks to the main event match. He also said, “I told you this was gonna be good,” as she went to leave.

Baker left the ringside area as her peers applauded all around her. There were no live fans at the taping for St. Patrick’s Day Slam, because they recorded it on Wednesday last week.

While she was getting thumbtacks taken out of her back, Britt Baker talked about getting 5 stars from Dave Meltzer, “that’s my goal,” she said. Then she said that Moxley will be proud of her match.

You can check out this new backstage footage below.