AEW Setting The Stage For SCU Breakup

By | December 22, 2020

AEW has a lot of tag teams, but one of them might be breaking up for good. During AEW Dark this week, SCU teased that they might break up.

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Frankie Kazarian is tired of losing. He told Christopher Daniels that if they lose another match, then their team is over. This was a bit of tough love.

“I know you better than anybody, CD, and if there’s one thing I know that you are and that’s a fighter. When your back is against the wall you will fight, when the pressure is on you will fight. So I am asking you one more time to fight, by my side. These are drastic times, CD, so I’m going to throw out some drastic measures, and I need you to agree with this.”

“We will fight, we will claw, we will work our way to the top and we will become AEW Tag Team Champions, because from here on out, the next time you and I lose as a tag team, you and I are done as a tag team, forever.”

We’ll have to see if SCU breaks up. The stage seems to be set for the former AEW Tag Team Champions to break up.

SCU has been together for a long time, and traveled the globe as a team. Every great team usually breaks up, and SCU is over the next time they lose as a team.