AJ Styles Wants WrestleMania Match Against Triple H

By | January 15, 2021

AJ Styles got to tangle with The Undertaker at the Show of Shows last year. He is looking to face another legendary opponent this time around. The Phenomenal One has locked up with some of the greats, but this year he wants to play The Game.

While speaking to WWE Now India, AJ Styles was asked about WrestleMania dream matches. He wants to face Triple H and he sees the WWE COO as “the next guy” he wants in the ring. He is also hopeful that match will happen.

“Triple H is definitely the next guy I’d like to face at some point if it could happen, maybe not. But it was an absolute pleasure to be in the ring, or not necessarily the ring, the Boneyard with the Undertaker.”

WWE might arrange an angle where AJ Styles and Triple H square off in some form. The Game’s recent return to RAW this week shows that he’s still able to get in the ring when he’s needed. It doesn’t look like things will end with Styles vs Triple H at WrestleMania this year, but anything can happen in WWE.