Alexa Bliss Fireball Throwing Stunt Gets Big Time Attention

By | January 14, 2021

Alexa Bliss capped off WWE RAW this week by throwing a fireball in Randy Orton’s face. This was a hokey ending for some, but the internet really wanted to see what happened.

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The video for RAW’s closing segment has garnered over 3 million hits on YouTube at this point. It is also #40 in the overall trending as of this writing. That is a big spotlight on this angle, one they really wanted.

This angle, based around fire, is slated to conclude with a huge gimmick match at the Royal Rumble. Ringside News exclusively reported this information. The company is on their way to making that match official, but Orton needed to get burned in the process.

Alexa Bliss’ new dark character has also been able to stand on her own in The Fiend’s absence. He will return, and there will be plenty of chances for The Viper to get his revenge.

You can check out the trending clip from WWE below.