Chicago Crowd Filled WWE RAW With Epic Chants All Night

By | August 2, 2021

WWE brought Raw to Chicago this week and the All State Arena was a rowdy crowd all night long. They were also not shy whatsoever about letting Vince McMahon know what they thought.

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The Chicago crowd chanted “CM Punk” before the show even started. Click here to see that video.

The crowd also chanted CM Punk during the opening of Drew McIntyre’s match against Veer. That chant lasted about thirty seconds. They didn’t chant “CM Punk” again during that match.

CM Punk chants showed up during Miz TV with Damian Priest as well. They didn’t last long, because The Miz barreled through his promo in spite of them.

“CM Punk” chants also popped up during Doudrop vs Tamina. That was the most we heard out of the crowd during that match, because they were mostly silent.

The crowd also let out another round of “CM Punk” chants during the main event no DQ match between Charlotte Flair and Nikki ASH.

During Charlotte Flair’s segment, the crowd broke into “BECKY” chants. The Queen addressed them and said that she is the one who sold out the All State Arena, and not Becky, because “Becky’s not here, I’m here.” Then she carried on with her promo.

The crowd also chanted “We want Wyatt” during the opening segment of the night. That was a big shot at WWE, because Wyatt was released from his contract over the weekend. The crowd was pretty much telling WWE that they would rather see Bray Wyatt than Bobby Lashley and Goldberg.

There was also a smattering of “We Want Wyatt” chants after Alexa Bliss appeared on the screen to taunt Eva Maire after Doudrop lost to Tamina Snuka. That match also got a “CM Punk” chant in the middle of it.

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