Cody Rhodes Says There’s No Reason Why WWE & AEW Crossover Can’t Happen

By | February 15, 2021

AEW has a partnership with the NWA, NJPW, and Impact Wrestling. WWE is still the big fish swimming on its own with seemingly zero interest of partnering up.

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to the New York Post about the potential for more crossovers. He is 100% AEW, but the American Nightmare isn’t blind to the idea that crossovers create a ton of cash possibilities.

Rhodes brought up a potential partnership with WWE down the line. This might seem like a lofty goal at this point, but Vince McMahon’s father used to trade talent with Eddie Graham back in the day. There is no law saying that they can’t continue something of that nature where both parties see a mutual benefit.

“There’s no reason that there couldn’t be a potential WWE crossover one day. And I don’t mean that’s a thing that’s been discussed or happening, but none of those rules that exist for other places exist for us. Wrestling is really this universal industry. The territory reference that you made, that’s fairly accurate, but the part of it that’s most accurate was there was a genuine trust.”

“Eddie Graham and Vince (McMahon) Sr. they traded people all the time and made prolific pieces of business out of it and they did it in a way where they introduced these characters in New York and then next thing you know they introduce these characters in Florida and it kept things fresh because above all, Wednesday Night War or not the main thing we have to do for fans for the rest of this run – and I want this company to be around forever — is keep it fresh. It can’t ever get stale. Our doors are open if the business is right, if the moment is right, if the time right. Our bridges are down. I’ll be the one curmudgeon AEW guy to make sure it’s all good.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this entire situation pans out. WWE is stretching their global reach and it doesn’t seem like they need or want any other companies to partner up with them for anything. That doesn’t mean that a huge event can’t be a part of the plan to excite fans and make pro wrestling history along the way. Obviously, this is not something that will happen any time soon if it’s even a possibility.