Current Status Of Tyson Kidd’s In-Ring Return

By | January 25, 2021

TJ Wilson had to retire from in-ring competition far before he ever expected. A freak accident by a muscle buster from Samoa Joe broke his neck. That injury was also the reason why Samoa Joe ditched the muscle buster in WWE.

Wilson is training again, and he was recently teaching Brodie Lee Jr, but Tyson Kidd isn’t taking bumps anymore.

Riju Dasgupta recently spoke to Natalya and he asked her about Wilson’s possible comeback. She gave the usual “never say never” phrase, because that is required in pro wrestling, because you never truly know.

“TJ Was so loved and so respected by people backstage and in front of the camera, but I think, you know, I’m one of those people where I say ‘Never Say Never’. But I feel like TJ is at a point in his life, especially with his health where he is really content with where he’s at as far as not returning to the ring. Again, I still say ‘Never Say Never’, anything in WWE can happen. That’s the fun part of WWE, you can always expect the unexpected. But it’s hard to say. I think TJ’s injury was so different than Edge and it was so different than Daniel Bryan. His injury was, you know, his neck was broken at the base of his brain. So it’s a much different injury and it’s much more risky for him to return. So, he’s just very lucky that he is alive and he is well.”

We’ll have to see if Tyson Kidd will get to wrestle again. He had an idea to do a quick spot at the Royal Rumble, but that was not given the green light. He could have another chance this year.