Natalya Says Otis Is Comparable To Nia Jax

By | January 25, 2021

Natalya has experienced many trailblazing moments in WWE. She has hoisted Nia Jax on her shoulders before, and she was reminded of that recently. Bianca Belair recently picked Otis up and carried him during an obstacle course that she won.

While speaking with Riju Dasgupta ,The Queen Of Harts said that Otis and Nia Jax are comparable. They are both larder than life and make for great moments

“It reminded me of the time that I had Nia Jax on my shoulders for the Royal Rumble. I almost eliminated Nia with that and I thought, you know, because Otis is not small. I mean, I think, Otis and Nia might be comparable (laughs) as far as just like, man, they’re both larger than life. But when I saw Bianca have Otis on her shoulders, I thought ‘wow that’s really cool’, like she’s a really strong girl.”

Natalya’s next challenge is the 2021 Royal Rumble match. She could be in line to make history once again in the ThunderDome. It would certainly be a great feather in her cap that is always well decorated.