Fans React To The Bella Twins’ WWE Royal Rumble Return

By | January 8, 2022

WWE is preparing for the Royal Rumble on January 29th and many fans are excited to see the women’s Royal Rumble match. This is especially true after the company revealed that The Bella Twins are making their return.

WWE announced on Friday Night SmackDown that several WWE Hall of Famers, including former Women’s Champion Lita, will be returning at the upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event.

The Bella Twins’ Twitter account tweeted about their Royal Rumble return. Nikki Bella said that her January 29th Royal Rumble match will be for her son Matteo. The little one will be wearing a fearless Nikki jersey and will likely get some screen time. This is like a dream come true for Nikki.

Fans are going wild about The Bella Twins’ to the Rumble. They are getting emotional over the fact that it’s finally happening. The Bella Twins last appeared in a WWE ring in 2018, when they teamed up with then-RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to take on The Riott Squad on a Monday Night RAW event.

A person commented, “It’s finally happening. it’s hard no to be emotional and overall over the moon for this. You’re such a warrior Nikki. Teo is gonna cherish this fearless memory forever.” Another one said, “brb crying thinking abt an old podcast episode where you and bri talked abt being back in the ring and having your boys and birdie ringside. so happy for you <3”

A third person chimed in saying, “Looks like 2022 is kicking off, fearless! I’m so happy to know you will be able to get back in that ring and compete, healthy and happy at least one more time! #LFG.” Take a look at some of the top comments on The Bella Twins’ return below.

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