Jim Cornette Sparks Outrage After Calling Penelope Ford Derogatory Name

By | March 13, 2021

Jim Cornette is at it again, and we already covered how upset Miro is. This all started when Cornette made comments on his podcast about Penelope Ford.

Miro tweeted out in a fury saying: “Jim Cornette, if You call Penelope Slut again I’ll come like Gods wrath on you! You understand. I’ll personally drive to Your BASEMENT.”

One fan tried to defend Cornette by saying that he called her “Pitstop Penelope.” This did not make things better as Miro replied saying:

I hope you never have a daughter that a pervert old man will call her slut

Miro loves AEW and he is obviously not afraid to defend anyone from that locker room. He is also linked to Ford in the storyline as Miro was The Best Man at her wedding. There is a reason why they call Miro “The King Of The Boys,” and he’s not going to let Jim Cornette trash anyone in the locker room. We will continue monitoring this ongoing story.