Joey Janela Fires Back At Fans To Clear Up Rumors About His Health Situation

By | October 24, 2020

Joey Janela was pulled from AEW Dynamite last week, which means he will miss next week’s show as well. He was taken off Dynamite because he was exposed to someone who later tested positive for COVID-19, but he did not test positive himself.

Janela heard enough rumors about his name and he wanted to clear up the situation. He released a tweet to inform fans that he did not have COVID-19, nor has he ever tested positive. Then he made a joke about his body’s insides resembling a “permanent crack den at the Red Roof Inn,” so COVID-19 didn’t stick around.

I don’t have Covid never did, I’m sure it tried to live rent free in me a few times and dipped out because my insides resemble a permanent crack den at the Red Roof Inn

Hopefully, Joey Janela’s hiatus from AEW won’t be a long one. He has not tested positive for COVID-19, but even possible exposure to the highly contagious virus is enough to cause alarm.