Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green Rock Iconic Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth Looks For Halloween

By | October 31, 2020

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green celebrated Halloween this year by paying homage to pro wrestling history. They rocked a Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth look that was pretty spot on.

While wearing a t-shirt tighter than one Randy Savage ever wore, Cardona posed with a WWF Title. Chelsea Green made a perfect Miss Elizabeth, and her pink dress was incredibly close to the original article as well.

“OOH YEAH! #HappyHalloween from Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth!” Cardona tweeted out.

Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth weren’t the only costumes that the two rocked this Halloween. Last night, Cardona went as a slimed-up Ghostbuster, but Chelsea Green didn’t match with him. She went as a Rancho Carne high school cheerleader from “Bring It On.”

You can check out the photos below, or click here to see the “Glow Up” that Chelsea Green posted in her old Hooters uniform.