Singh Brothers Are Finally Returning To Action

By | October 9, 2020

The Singh Brothers were stuck in Canada when the pandemic hit. They spent a lot of time sitting at home, but Sunil and Samir are ready to make their return to 205 Live.

During 205 Live this week, they aired a short promo to hype the return of the Singh Brothers. Bollywood is coming back to the purple brand, but their exact return date wasn’t revealed.

One interesting thing to note is they will be the Bollywood Boyz upon their return.

Robert Roode was also stuck in Canada due to the pandemic. He recently returned to work as well. The pandemic is still ongoing, but some travel restrictions have been lowered which makes it easier to travel.

We’ll have to see how soon “coming soon” is for the Singh Brothers, but it’s far better than having zero idea about when they will return while they stayed at home.