Stephanie McMahon Caught WWE Superstar Drunk Backstage

By | January 17, 2022

Stephanie McMahon might not have a weekly presence on WWE television anymore, but she still holds a considerable amount of power in the company. She can also be cool about things when needed and Rhino can attest to that.

Rhino has had a storied career in the industry. He wrestled for major wrestling promotions including WWE and WCW. He is best known for his work in Paul Heyman’s ECW, but he can still do his thing in the ring for Impact Wrestling.

As a member of The Alliance in WWE – led by the dastardly trio of the McMahon children and Paul Heyman – Rhino often accompanied Stephanie McMahon to the ring. He was also part of the infamous segment between the “Billion Dollar Princess” and Chris Jericho.

On the latest episode of Talk’n Shop Podcast, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion recalled the time Stephanie caught him drunk at a WWE show, but didn’t talk to anyone about his condition.

“I cut a promo, it was a live event, I came back and she said, ‘don’t mention ECW,’ this was after that, the whole invasion. She’s like, ‘we’re trying to get away from that.’ And I’m like, ‘cool.’ So I wrestled Kane. Afterward, she knew I wasn’t drinking before, so Nunzio brought some.

“Nunzio wasn’t drinking and I almost finished a fifth, and I didn’t drink at the time, I’m just wasted. And they’re like, ‘why did you drink?’ Anyways, we’re leaving and I’m riding with Christian and we got a late flight, it was an afternoon show. I don’t know why I’m throwing waters in my bag, probably because I’m like, ‘waters!’

“I couldn’t take them on the plane, so I’m just throwing them in my bag and I’m staggering. She (Steph) comes up and she’s like, ‘Rhino, are you okay?’ She wanted to make sure I wasn’t all pilled up, you could smell the alcohol. And I’m like, ‘what a buzzkill.’

“Anyway, I think it’s because we developed that friendship that she didn’t, you know, they didn’t say anything to me. And I’m like, ‘just grabbing a few waters, waiting on Christian. He’s driving.’ I wanted to make sure she knew he was driving. But yeah it was cool, Hunter always liked me because he liked my work.”

Rhino also spoke up about how AEW superstar Chris Jericho was happy to have Stephanie in the Jericho vs. Rhino feud from 2001 as her involvement gave the angle more air time. Check out a classic moment from their feud below:

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January 17, 2022 11:50 pm

Manik Aftab

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