Sting On His Mutual Respect For Bret Hart

By | December 29, 2020

Sting and Bret Hart had similar finishing submission holds, and they also battled a couple of times. Most of their careers were spent separated due to company lines, but there is a lot of respect there.

Sting recently read a quote from Bret Hart where he put The Icon over. Hart said that Sting was “a class guy, just a first-rate guy,” and “great to work with.” The Stinger tweeted back in reply to this quote while expressing his own respect for The Hitman.

The feeling is mutual, @BretHart. Enjoyed working with you. Great finisher! My one regret is I never got to see a Stinger cartoon from you.

Sting is now appearing on AEW Dynamite on a regular basis. Bret Hart has also appeared for AEW in the past as he unveiled the AEW World Heavyweight Title for the first time. Perhaps Sting and Hart will be under the same company roof again someday. Even if they aren’t, maybe Bret Hart can still draw a cartoon of Sting for him.