Tony Khan Addresses Rumor That He’s Running For Congress

By | February 10, 2022

Tony Khan was recently the subject of a very interesting story. Jacksonville Today and Pro Football Talk both reported that Khan had filed to run for Congress in the state of Florida. An alleged filing is on record with the Federal Election Commission. However, things don’t seem to add up.

Khan took to Twitter to dismiss the report. He said the filing was fake. Khan believes PFT’s reporting wasn’t up to the level of Tony Schiavone’s work in AEW. Tony savaged Pro Football Talk for being less reliable than even MJF.

“The fact checking standard for @ProFootballTalk reporting is far lower than that of @AEW’s roving reporter @tonyschiavone24. I’m definitely not running for Congress; this filing is faker than Eddie Gilbert’s apology to Tommy Rich in 1984. PFT sources as trustworthy as @The_MJF.”

The question remains: Why would somebody file fake documents for a congressional run that didn’t exist? The information turned up in an FEC search can offer some clues. First, Khan’s address is listed as TIAA Bank Field. The campaign committee is designated as All Elite Wrestling, LLC.

An amateur prankster would obviously go with those as the information is publicly and readily available. Second, it would be illegal to have a for-profit business as the designated campaign committee. The funds would not be able to be intermingled.

The obvious fake is quite curious. It could be a fan pulling a prank. It could also be someone who wanted to stir the pot about Khan’s ambitions. False FEC reports are also illegal. The agency may want to hear more from whoever was behind the fake filing.

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February 10, 2022 11:55 am