Tony Khan Releases Statement On Brodie Lee’s Passing

By | December 26, 2020

Brodie Lee tragically passed away at the age of 41-years-old. His wife Amanda broke the news that he died, surrounded by family, from a lung illness. It was not COVID-19 related. The pro wrestling world is now mourning this huge loss.

Tony Khan was devastated by the news that Brodie Lee passed away. He released a statement to remember the man that so many remember as Luke Harper. For Khan, and the rest of AEW Brodie Lee was so much more.

I’m devastated by the loss of Jon Huber, known to fans as Mr. Brodie Lee, formerly Luke Harper. Jon was a great man. His family came first, his loving wife Amanda & their sons Brodie + Nolan. He loved wrestling & was great at it, he loved you fans. Please keep him in your hearts.

Our thoughts continue going out to Brodie Lee’s family and friends at this time. The pro wrestling world reacted in shock and sadness. This is a terrible situation to cap off 2020, a year that was already so full of tragedy.