Triple H Photo With Parker Boudreaux Draws Big Attention

By | June 23, 2021

Parker Boudreaux, better known as “the Brock Lesnar look-alike,” is now an NXT Superstar. He is leaning the ropes and tucked away in the Performance Center. The company expects big things. He might even be the next big thing.

Triple H has explained why he does those trademark “pointing photos.” During a September 2020 appearance on WWE The Bump, The King of Kings revealed how those pointing photos caught so much traction.

“‘The point’ was a way to get talent out there because we didn’t have a place to distribute them and get them more well-known. We were doing everything we could outside of that, but that’s what ‘The Point’ was to pick up some traffic with it and you know at first we started doing it and we would get to a place where somebody would win the title and the second they walked back there they’d be like ‘Hey can we do The Point picture?’ and it just kinda became.”

Parker Boudreaux is getting a lot of attention in the WWE Performance Center. He is looked at as the kind of super athlete that Vince McMahon desires. We’ll have to see what he is able to do. As of this writing, Parker has yet to debut, but people are expecting The Destroyer of Gods to dominate when his time comes.

Boudreaux posted a “pointing” photo with Triple H and it garnered immediate attention. His notifications blew up after he tweeted out that validation that The Game is a fan of his. You can check out the photo below to see what all of the buzz is about.

Do you expect Parker Boudreaux to hold the WWE Title within a year of his main roster debut? Sound off in the comments!