Vince McMahon Has Unique Relationship With WWE Attorney Jerry McDevitt

By | January 18, 2022

Jerry McDevitt has been the top lawyer for Vince McMahon and WWE for nearly 40 years. The attorney represented Vince in his infamous steroid trial. Now, McDevitt is in the public spotlight again.

Major League Wrestling recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against WWE. McDevitt said he hasn’t seen the suit yet but believes MLW should be suing another entity. MLW claims that WWE interfered in what would have been a transformative streaming deal with the Tubi platform.

Vince McMahon’s legal ace recently talked to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about his long and strange career. McDevitt talked about how long he’s represented WWE and when he might be ready to call it a career. Jerry said it’s his relationship with McMahon that keeps him in the game.

“WWE is a major client, but I have other clients. I also represented Dr. Cyril Wecht. I’ll be 72 in January, so I’ve been trying to turn it down a little bit as I’m headed into retirement. But because of my longstanding relationship with WWE, I continue to represent them, although I keep telling Vince I do want to retire.

Most relationships nowadays with lawyers and publicly traded companies are at the general counsel level. Outside lawyers work with the general counsel of the company and never with the CEO or chairman of the board.

But my contact and my relationship is directly with and to Vince. It always has been. It always will be. That’s kind of a unique relationship in the landscape of the law these days for the outside counsel to have that sort of direct relationship.”

Jerry McDevitt is one of Vince McMahon’s most loyal and trusted people. McMahon has been able to get out of a lot of trouble thanks to McDevitt’s excellent legal work. Time will tell how long he stays on board. It doesn’t sound like Vince is ready to let him go just yet.

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