Vince McMahon Says ‘There’s A New Spirit’ In WWE

By | October 29, 2020

WWE boasted a very strong third quarter earnings report, and Vince McMahon is happy about that. He is also thrilled with the recent changes the company made to their management team since George Barrios and Michelle Wilson departed.

During the opening remarks of their third quarter 2020 investors’ call, Vince McMahon spoke about the company’s new management team. He said a new spirit has taken over and brought vibrance and a new optimistic view.

“I’ve never felt as confident as I currently do with this upper new management, it’s really extraordinary what this has done for our business and other executives and much further below. There’s a new spirit here, a new vibrance and a view of optimism.”

McMahon went on to say that “this is a fun, exciting place to be,” regarding his company. He is very hopeful for what the future holds with the recent hirings at the executive level including Nick Khan and others.

Vince McMahon admitted that they were going to cover a wide range of topics during that call from COVID-19 to the ThunderDome. He wanted to take his time to let people know how he feels about the company’s new management team before anything else.

Transcription by Ringside News