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Vin Diesel Celebrates Returning to Movie Theaters in New F9 Video

A new F9 video shows Vin Diesel addressing the hardships of 2020 and how fans are finally returning to movie theaters thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine. Diesel speaks directly to fans about the importance of theaters and shows off several clips from the latest Fast and Furious film. RELATED: Fate of the Furious Director Reunites With Vin Diesel… Read More »

James Cameron Prays for Theaters so MCU & Avatar Can Make $2 Billion

It’s no secret that the movie theater industry has been hit hard following the COVID-19 pandemic. With many theaters still awaiting full crowds to return, James Cameron is hoping that theaters as a whole will survive for the sake of the box office.  RELATED: Kate Winslet Dons an Underwater Cape in New Avatar 2 Set Photo… Read More »

COVID-19 vaccine data has been unlawfully accessed in hack of EU regulator

reader comments 16 with 14 posters participating Share this story Covid-19 Coverage View more stories Information relating to the one of the most promising coronavirus vaccines has been “unlawfully accessed” following a hack on the European regulatory body that’s in the final stages of approving it, the firms jointly developing the vaccine said on Wednesday.… Read More »

Nation-state backed hackers going after COVID vaccine supply chain

Enlarge / A climate controlled thermo haulage truck trailer outside the Pfizer Inc. facility in Puurs, Belgium, on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020. Bloomberg | Getty Images reader comments 109 with 56 posters participating Share this story Cyber attackers have targeted the cold supply chain needed to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, according to a report detailing a… Read More »

Nearly 20,000 workers have had COVID-19, Amazon admits

Enlarge / Amazon.com Inc. signage is displayed in front of a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, US, on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. reader comments 82 with 53 posters participating Share this story Amazon on Thursday released high-level data on COVID-19 infection rates among its warehouse and in-store workers, saying that almost 20,000 “front-line” employees… Read More »