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CS Interview: Paul Scheer on Unique Role in Superhero Twist Archenemy

CS Interview: Paul Scheer on unique role in superhero twist Archenemy In time for the film’s digital and select theatrical release, ComingSoon.net got the opportunity to chat with The League alum Paul Scheer to discuss his against-type role in Adam Egypt Mortimer’s latest project, the gritty superhero thriller Archenemy led by Joe Manganiello (Justice League). You can check out… Read More »

Exclusive: Paul Scheer Talks Marvel Hopes & The League Future

Exclusive: Paul Scheer talks Marvel hopes & The League future Ever since his breakout work as part of the beloved comedy troupe Human Giant, Paul Scheer has literally been the man about town, appearing in everything from FX/FXX’s The League to Piranha 3D and while chatting with the comedian for his work in the upcoming crime thriller, Archenemy, ComingSoon.net explored… Read More »