Exclusive: Paul Scheer Talks Marvel Hopes & The League Future

By | December 9, 2020

Exclusive: Paul Scheer Talks Marvel Hopes & The League Future

Exclusive: Paul Scheer talks Marvel hopes & The League future

Ever since his breakout work as part of the beloved comedy troupe Human Giant, Paul Scheer has literally been the man about town, appearing in everything from FX/FXX’s The League to Piranha 3D and while chatting with the comedian for his work in the upcoming crime thriller, Archenemy, ComingSoon.net explored Scheer’s hopes for his future with Marvel and a possible reunion of the fantasy football comedy.

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For fans of the powerhouse comic book studio and those with a Disney+ account, Scheer’s appearance in the streaming platform’s docuseries Marvel’s 616 proved to be a pleasant surprise, especially for those who know of his past with Marvel as both a writer on multiple issues of Guardians Team-Up and Deadpool Bi-Annual #1, among others, and appearing as a fictionalized version of himself in The Astonishing Ant-Man #4.

With his episode, in which he starred and directed, focusing on a look back through the forgotten characters of Marvel and his compiling of a pitch for a TV series based on Simon Furman’s Brute Force, but Scheer didn’t take this research lightly and revealed he his desire to work with the studio one day, be it for his envisioned adaptation or another project.

“I love Marvel, I just do, I’m a fan and I love what they’re able to do in really letting directors put their stamp on things,” Scheer warmly related. “For me it would be a dream to work with them, whether it be Brute Force or something else, I don’t know how quickly Marvel is going to be jumping into animated anything, they seem like they’re reinventing their entire plan right now of how they want to do their television. So, for me, I’m happy to wait, but to do anything in that Marvel universe would be a blast.”

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Following its conclusion in 2015 on the Fox-owned cable network, talks have occasionally surfaced from the stars and creators of The League about a possible revival or reunion in the future and though Scheer confirms he and the rest of the cast are certainly more than ready to return, he warns that fans should expect to wait longer for the right reasons.

“We definitely talked about it in this time, especially during this COVID time as people are reuniting for fundraisers and things like that,” Scheer explained. “We really wanted to make sure that we did it the right way, you know, we can’t really do a live reading because the show was improvised, we want to figure out what we could do. There’s an element to the way people are Zooming that we thought would be an interesting thing. The way that I say it is this, ‘Don’t count on it, but don’t count it out either.’ We want to come together, we will come together, I don’t know when we will have that happen, I think we have to find the right way to do it, because whenever you do come back you want to make sure that it feels like it’s giving everything that people want. As a fan, it’s something that I’m very aware of, you don’t want to just do something that’s slapdash and rather us all get on Zoom and shoot the shit. If we’re going to do something that’s real or like a movie for Netflix, then we’re going to make sure we do it the right way.”

Created by Jeff and Jackie Schaffer and debuting in 2009, the semi-improvised series focused on a fantasy football league, its members and their everyday lives in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to Scheer, the main cast for the series included Mark Duplass (The Morning Show), Stephen Ranazzisi (Paul Blart: Mall Cop), Nick Kroll (Big Mouth), Jon Lajoie (Let’s Be Cops) and Katie Aselton (Legion), with its seven-season run seeing a number of major recurring and guest stars including Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Seth Rogen (An American Pickle), Jason Mantzoukas (Big Mouth), Janina Gavankar (The Way Back), Rob Huebel (Children’s Hospital), Leslie Bibb (Tag), June Diane Raphael (Long Shot) and many more.

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Scheer’s episode of Marvel’s 616 is currently available to stream on Disney+ while Archenemyis set to hit select theaters, digital platforms and VOD on Friday and can be pre-ordered here!