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Dark Souls servers taken down following discovery of critical vulnerability

The_Grim_Sleeper reader comments 26 with 24 posters participating Share this story Bandai Namco, publisher of the Dark Souls role-playing game series, has taken down its player-versus-player servers while it investigates reports of a serious vulnerability that allows players to execute malicious code on the PCs of fellow players. Word of the critical remote-code-execution flaw emerged… Read More »

AT&T announces multi-gigabit fiber: $110 a month for 2Gbps, $180 for 5Gbps

reader comments 121 with 91 posters participating Share this story AT&T has started offering 2Gbps and 5Gbps symmetrical Internet speeds over its fiber-to-the-home network, the telecom company announced today. The multi-gigabit speeds are available to “nearly 5.2 million customer locations in parts of more than 70 metro areas, such as LA, Atlanta, and Dallas,” AT&T… Read More »

Hactivists say they hacked Belarus rail system to stop Russian military buildup

Enlarge / Servicemen of Russia’s Eastern Military District units attend a welcoming ceremony as they arrive in Belarus to take part in joint military exercises. Russia’s military is combining its own means of transport with train travel. Getty Images reader comments 163 with 83 posters participating, including story author Share this story Hacktivists in Belarus… Read More »

A white supremacist website got hacked, airing all its dirty laundry

Enlarge / Patriot Front members spray painting in Springfield, Illinois. reader comments 234 with 122 posters participating, including story author Share this story Chat messages, images, and videos leaked from the server of a white supremacist group called the Patriot Front purport to show its leader and rank-and-file members conspiring in hate crimes, despite… Read More »

Supply chain attack used legitimate WordPress add-ons to backdoor sites

Getty Images reader comments 10 with 10 posters participating Share this story Dozens of legitimate WordPress add-ons downloaded from their original sources have been found backdoored through a supply chain attack, researchers said. The backdoor has been found on “quite a few” sites running the open source content management system. The backdoor gave the attackers… Read More »

Red Cross implores hackers not to leak data for 515k “highly vulnerable people”

reader comments 26 with 23 posters participating Share this story The Red Cross on Wednesday pleaded with the threat actors behind a cyberattack that stole the personal data of about 515,000 people who used a program that works to reunite family members separated by conflict, disaster or migration. “While we don’t know who is responsible… Read More »

If you like the data on your WD My Cloud OS 3 device, patch it now

reader comments 11 with 11 posters participating Share this story Western Digital has patched three critical vulnerabilities—one with a severity rating of 9.8 and another with a 9.0—that make it possible for hackers to steal data or remotely hijack storage devices running version 3 of the company’s My Cloud OS. CVE-2021-40438, as one of the… Read More »

FAA clears Boeing 777 and other planes after 5G warning halted some flights

Enlarge / A Boeing 777. reader comments 9 with 8 posters participating Share this story The Federal Aviation Administration today said it has cleared 62 percent of US commercial airplanes to perform low-visibility landings at airports where AT&T and Verizon are deploying 5G on C-band spectrum this week. Several international airlines previously canceled some flights… Read More »

Microsoft fixes Patch Tuesday bug that broke VPN in Windows 10 and 11

Aurich Lawson reader comments 13 with 13 posters participating Share this story Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday updates for Windows are generally meant to fix problems, but that isn’t how it always goes. January’s updates, released last week, caused a handful of problems for businesses in particular. The most serious, especially for people still dealing with… Read More »