Godzilla Island: Short-Form Series Finally Debuts Outside of Japan

By | March 8, 2023

For the first time ever, the short-form series Godzilla Island is now available to watch outside of Japan, with the series now available online for fans anywhere.

The series, which premiered in 1997, was a spin-off of the Godzilla franchise and featured most of Earth’s kaiju living on an island known as Godzilla Island. The short episodes (each episode is only about three minutes long) generally consisted of various monsters dealing with problems. The series is also notable for having been produced mostly with action figures of the monsters.

For those looking to check out the series, Godzilla Island episodes will release every Tuesday and Thursday on the official Godzilla YouTube page. The first episode is live now, and with the series as a whole running for 256 episodes, there will be plenty to check out.

“The year is 2097. Monsters live and frolic on Godzilla Island under the watchful eye of G-Guard, a human peacekeeping force,” reads the description. “But with a massive, belligerent UFO heading straight for the island, how long can that peace last?!”