Marvel Studios Has Ironed Out Rules for the MCU Multiverse

By | July 17, 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has slowly been gravitating toward establishing a larger multiverse, and following Loki’s surprise ending, it seems like the future for the MCU will feature a ton of multiversal travel. 

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During a recent interview on the D23 Inside Disney podcast, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke about the Multiverse and how Marvel plans on handling it, including the fact that they already have a pretty solid set of ground rules for how to operate things. 

“[The] Multiverse is coming up in a big way,” Feige said. “There’s interconnectivity there that people have already started to see and suss out and I had a meeting this morning with the whole broad Marvel Studios team going through the Multiverse and the rules of the Multiverse and exactly how to really deliver on the excitement surrounding the Multiverse.”

“In the same way, the Multiverse is something we geek out about and we really love all the storytelling potential it brings, but thought we had to dull out what it was and introducing the concept even briefly in Doctor Strange and then as a fakeout in Spider-Man: Far From Home,” Feige said, also touching on the fact that it’s more than just fans that are following along with what the company is doing with the Multiverse storyline. 

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“I will tell you something: It is more than just fans that are following along with the Multiverse storyline. It’s really exciting even to see it mid-way through the Loki series now, as people respond to the possibilities.”