Cyberpunk 2077: Earn Unlimited Money with These Secret Exploits and Glitches

By | December 29, 2020

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Earn loads of money through these exploits:

Vending Machine Crafting and Money Exploit

Thanks to Osterberg501 for providing information on this exploit.

If you’re looking to make some easy money, look no further than the dozens of vending machines scattered around Night City. Specifically, you’ll want to find the machines selling items for 10 Eddies each (not the $5 items)

Once you’ve located one of these vending machines, purchase all the items available until they are sold out.

Pick up all the items you purchased from the ground and add them to your inventory.


Now, open your inventory and find the items you just purchased. At this point, you want to dismantle all of them to obtain common and uncommon crafting materials.

Unlocking the Mechanic crafting perk will give you more crafting materials from disassembling items. It’s recommended that you spend one of your perk points on this to maximize your profit.

Next, head to your Crafting menu and craft as many uncommon (green) weapons as you can with the resources you obtained. You’ll gain crafting XP for each weapon crafted, which adds up very quickly and can be utilized to gain unlimited crafting XP.

Look for items that sell for as much as possible. You can view the sale price of each item by hovering over it before crafting it.

Lastly, head to a vendor or drop station to sell your newly crafted weapons for a hefty profit.

Using the Nekomata rifle in the photo above as an example, we were able to make $78 Eddies for each one (as it cost $100 Eddies for 10 cans of soda that were used for crafting materials). If you are purchasing as many cans as possible around the city and selling dozens of weapons this is an incredibly quick and easy way to make unlimited money as you explore Night City.

However, if you’re a stand-up citizen of Night City and prefer to make money by taking on jobs and selling junk like everyone else, check out our guide below:

Space Oddity Infinite Money Exploit

In order to do this money-making cheat, you need to finish the first main mission of Act 2 in Cyberpunk 2077 called “Playing For Time,” where you meet a character named Takemura in a diner.

This money glitch allows players to obtain an item from a side job, sell it to a drop box for an absurd amount of eddies, and then buy it back for next to zilch. You then repeat this process until you’re filthy rich. If that sounds good to you, check out these detailed instructions on how to do the Cyberpunk 2077 Space oddity infinite money glitch:

  • First, head to Rancho Coronado in Santo Domingo.
  • At this location, find a gas station with a homeless encampment. That’s where you’ll find the side job “Space Oddity”.
  • Approach the men at the table and try to negotiate with them. This requires a body level of 7, or buying it off them for 2,000 eddies, or simply taking them out by shooting them.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to either hack the laptop on the table (requires an intelligence level of 10) or find the location of the body the men stole the laptop from.
  • If you opt to find the body, it’s located between some dumpsters on the west side of the gas station. Use your scanner to locate it, scan it, and then steal the Access Shard from it to unlock the laptop.
  • Slot the shard into the laptop and then run the file “launch.exe”. This will give you coordinates.
  • The next quest waypoint will take you to those coordinates or the “drop point”. This area is surrounded and guarded by seven Militech soldiers with some high level weapons and armor. We suggest being at least level 15 but that can vary depending on your attributes, perks, and overall combat skill.
  • Take out the Militech agents and acquire the painting from the center capsule.
  • Don’t worry if you have the Scrapper perk. This painting isn’t categorized as Junk and therefore won’t be auto-disassembled.
  • Find the nearest drop box and sell the painting for a whopping 4,000 eddies.
  • Close the window and then interact with the drop box again for the price of the painting to drop.
  • Now you can re-purchase the painting from the drop box for 5 eddies and sell it again for 4,000. Repeat this process to get more eddies.

Drop boxes don’t have unlimited currency so you’ll have to buy back the painting from the drop box once it’s fresh out of eddies, and sell it back at another one to get more.

Sasquatch vs. Infinite Money, XP, and Street Cred

You can only do this exploit during the I Walk the Line Main Job. While you’re on your quest to reclaim the mall for the Voodoo Boys from the Animals, you’ll have to take on their boss, Sasquatch. Your fight with her is the key to this exploit.

Note: Make sure you’ve eliminated all other enemies before starting your fight with Sasquatch. If you mess up, you can use an auto save to try again.

  • After you kill Sasquatch, you’ll receive, XP, and Street Cred. Take her loot too.
  • Then, manually save in a new save slot.
  • Load the game using the save you just created.
  • Sasquatch will be on the floor in this new save, but she’ll be “alive.” Take her out (it shouldn’t take long) and you’ll receive the rewards for defeating her again.
  • Continue this until you’re satisfied with your earnings.

Tip: You can change your difficulty to Very Hard after the initial fight for better rewards. Just don’t forget to change it back.

This exploit with Sasquatch cannot be done again once you move on.