Cyberpunk Cheat: How to Get Unlimited Money and Crafting XP

By | December 11, 2020

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In Cyberpunk 2077 there’s always something to spend your hard earned Eddies on, whether its a new outfit or new weapons. But, instead of making money the good old fashioned way by taking on some gigs from your local Fixers, you can earn unlimited money and crafting XP using the method below.

Thanks to Osterberg501 for providing information on this exploit.

How to Earn Unlimited Money and Crafting XP

If you’re looking to make some easy money, look no further than the dozens of vending machines scattered around Night City. Specifically, you’ll want to find the machines selling items for 10 Eddies each (not the $5 items)

Once you’ve located one of these vending machines, purchase all the items available until they are sold out.

Pick up all the items you purchased from the ground and add them to your inventory.

Now, open your inventory and find the items you just purchased. At this point, you want to dismantle all of them to obtain common and uncommon crafting materials.

Unlocking the Mechanic crafting perk will give you more crafting materials from disassembling items. It’s recommended that you spend one of your perk points on this to maximize your profit.

Next, head to your Crafting menu and craft as many uncommon (green) weapons as you can with the resources you obtained. You’ll gain crafting XP for each weapon crafted, which adds up very quickly and can be utilized to gain unlimited crafting XP.


Look for items that sell for as much as possible. You can view the sale price of each item by hovering over it before crafting it.

Lastly, head to a vendor or drop station to sell your newly crafted weapons for a hefty profit.

Using the Nekomata rifle in the photo above as an example, we were able to make $78 Eddies for each one (as it cost $100 Eddies for 10 cans of soda that were used for crafting materials). If you are purchasing as many cans as possible around the city and selling dozens of weapons this is an incredibly quick and easy way to make unlimited money as you explore Night City.

However, if you’re a stand-up citizen of Night City and prefer to make money by taking on jobs and selling junk like everyone else, check out our guide below: