Demon’s Souls Guide: How to Defeat the Maneater

By | December 5, 2020

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Maneater is the second boss in the Tower of Latria Archstone, found at the end of the Upper Latria area. It is a powerful beast capable of knocking you off the bridge with its powerful dash, and raining down magic on you while flying in the air. Once you whittle it down to about a quarter health (or after a few minutes of battle) a second Maneater will spawn.

Check out our guide to defeating the Maneaters below:

See the Maneater Boss Video Guide

Maneater Boss Strategy

The number one thing to keep on mind during this fight is: how close am I to the edge? One of Maneater’s most common attacks is his dash which will easily fling you off the edge if you aren’t standing near the middle of the bridge. If you are a melee user you want to simultaneously be as near to the middle of the bridge as you can at all times, and try to avoid standing directly in front of Maneater. Most of his attacks (his jumping slam and jabs) hit the area in front of him, and his dash can be avoided with a sidestep (or with your shield if you have enough endurance).

Always try to attack him from the side or back, which will occasionally stagger him leaving him open to long combos. Just remember he can quickly crouch down and prepare for a dash attack at any time, so leave yourself some stamina to roll away. If you get too far away from Maneater he will sometimes fire a magical blast at you, which can be blocked with your shield. He will also occasionally get bitten by his snake tail, which tries to enchant him with poison. Use this as an opening to get in 1-2 free attacks.

If you are a ranged user you want to use a mostly similar strategy, but you can put yourself at less risk by waiting out the dodge, then unleashing attacks when he leaves himself vulnerable afterwards. It is also worth noting that you can hide behind the large torch in the middle of the bridge and Maneater will become stuck on the other side, giving you a moment to heal or rest.


If Maneater dashes off the bridge he will begin flying around the arena and throwing magic attacks down at you. Ranged users can conrtinue to attack while he is in the air, while melee users will just need to dodge and wait it out. When the first Maneater gets low a second will spawn in, so make sure you kill off the first as soon as possible to avoid getting double teamed. Repeat the same process against the second Maneater to defeat it and win the battle.