How to Get More Animal Crossing Candy Without Time Traveling

By | October 5, 2020

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The Fall Update and Halloween Event means you can buy Candy at Nook’s Cranny. Unfortunately, you can only buy one piece of candy from your store a day but there’s a trick you can use to get more treats! Here’s how to get more than one piece of candy a day without time traveling.

How to Get More Than One Candy a Day

You’ll want to have candy ready for Halloween night (we recommend 15 pieces) and you may be using some of it to make DIYs throughout the month. So you’ll want a lot of candy.

Visit other players’ islands!

You can buy one piece of candy from islands you visit. And don’t worry, buying candy at your friend’s island will not stop your friend from being able to buy candy that day. Visit as many friends as you can to stock up on candy. Credit to: @ObiBoing on Twitter for letting us know about this trick for more treats.

You can also get free candy during the Halloween event. Read about it below if you don’t mind spoilers for the event.

If you struggled to collect a decent stack of Candy before the Halloween event, don’t stress too much as villagers around your Island will be more than happy to share their Candy should you have a Halloween costume.

Speak with Villagers Inside Their Houses While Wearing a Costume

In order to obtain free Candy, simply wear your costume on October 31 and speak with the villagers that remain inside their homes after the event starts at 5:00pm. Upon speaking with them, you’ll receive 1 free Candy.

As you run out of Candy, this step can be repeated after a short period of time has passed.

Dress Like Jack and Speak with Villagers


Alternatively, having spoken with Jack and given him two pieces of Candy you will receive Jack’s Face and Jack’s Robe.

When wearing this costume and speaking with the villagers on your Island, you will scare them into giving you a free piece of Candy.It is worth noting that this method can only be done once per villager.