Phasmophobia: How to Identify Every Ghost

By | October 24, 2020

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There are 12 different types of Ghosts in Phasmophobia – Banshee, Demon, Jinn, Mare, Oni, Phantom, Poltergeist, Revenant, Shade, Spirit, Wraith, and Yurei – and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as Evidence they will leave behind.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Ghost models in Phasmophobia do not indicate which type of Ghost your are searching for. Instead, you will need to use all the tools in your disposal to identify what type of Ghost is haunting the location. Also, don’t neglect your Journal, as it will give you tips about each Ghost, and what to lookout for.

Important Ghost Information

Each Ghost will have a random combination of a First Name, Last Name, Gender, Death Length, Age, Shyness, and Chosen Room, and a lot of information about the Ghost can be found on the Whiteboard in the truck.

It’s also very important to remember that, no matter if you have push-to-talk on or not, the Ghost can always hear you talking. Furthermore, it will get very upset when you say its name, so be careful what you say.

Depending on the difficulty, when you start a round, you will have either 5 minutes (Amateur difficulty), 2 minutes (Intermediate difficulty) or, no amount of time (Professional difficulty) in the Setup Phase. This is the perfect time to split up and use your equipment to try to find out what type of Ghost is in the location. After the Setup Phase, the Ghost will randomly go into Hunt Mode, and this is when they will become visible and can kill you.

If you are to die, you will see some Ghostly hands coming to strangle you and you will lose any additional equipment you have bought. However, you are still able to walk around and help you team in certain ways. Everything is blue, but you can still see everything in the truck and the location. If you are using game chat, you will not be able to talk to your alive friends, but using another service like Discord will help you still be part of the fun and assist in the limited ways you can.

How to Identify Ghosts

Your main mission in Phasmophobia is to identify what type of Ghost is haunting the location you are in. Each Ghost is linked to three types of Evidence – EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, and Spirit Box – and these are key to figuring out which Ghost is present.

As you confirm each type of Evidence, make sure to record it in your Journal. As you enter the Evidence types, it will automatically narrow down the Ghost Types, making it easier to determine which one it is.

We’ve made a handy table that can help you determine exactly which Ghost may be haunting a particular location