PlayStation Tournaments Beta Coming Soon to PS5

By | August 24, 2022

PlayStation Tournaments are finally coming to the PS5 with an open beta coming soon.

The feature, which debuted on the PS4 in 2016, allows you to sign up for tournaments, compete, and even win prizes… and it’s all integrated within the PS5 system itself.

“PlayStation Tournaments are on-console competitions where players can compete against each other to win prizes across PlayStation events, challenges, leader board competitions, and much more,” revealed Sony in an official blog post.

“The next generation of PlayStation competitive gaming will include new features and improvements, making the experience of finding and joining competitions easier.”

Sony will launch the new PS5 PlayStation Tournaments with an open beta “in the coming weeks.”

Here’s what can you expect from this brand-new experience:

  • Easily discoverable tournaments: Sign up for a new tournament within the PS5 Control Center and Game Hub. Simply launch the Control Center by pressing the PlayStation button when an eligible game is open, then dive into its tournaments.
  • Seamless on-console signup: Register for tournaments easily within the PS5 itself.
  • Shorter tournament times: A new cap on tournament bracket size will ensure that each tournament stays within a reasonable limit. Traditionally, tournament size would increase as more participants joined the event. But this new feature instead creates multiple brackets for each event once the limit has been reached.
  • Higher tournament frequency: Tournaments will now be available more often, and at a more regular interval, to allow players with different schedules to find the time to compete.
  • All-new UI: The PS5 PlayStation Tournaments will feature a new UI designed to allow players to reach all the info they need quickly and easily. You can pull up your bracket right from within the Control Center – even when playing a game.
  • Real-time match results and automatic reporting: Match results are instantly shown and reported as you progress through the bracket. No waiting, no fuss. You can even see the status of the entire bracket at any time.
  • Prizes: Each Tournament will have prizes up for grabs with some offering unique rewards. All eligible players will have a shot at these prizes regardless of skill level.

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Clearly, Sony’s recent focus on esports is spilling over into the PS5 console infrastructure, and that means an even better experience for those who are interested in competing. The fact that it’s so easily accessible might even encourage more to participate.

If you’ve thought about playing competitively, PlayStation Tournaments certainly make it easier than ever to jump in. Which titles it applies to, and how popular the feature becomes, remains to be seen.

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Ryan Leston is an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.