New Marvel’s Avengers Skin Turns Hawkeye Into Werehawk

By | December 29, 2022

While a little late for Halloween, Crystal Dynamics are giving Hawkeye players in Marvel’s Avengers something more unusual to dress up as. The archer’s latest skin is a Werehawk outfit that turns him into a hawk-human hybrid.

This Werehawk skin came to the shop on December 29 and costs 1,400 Credits (around $14). This version of Hawkeye is in Earth-666, as seen in “Secret Avengers Vol 1. #33.”

The existence of this skin isn’t new, though. Notorious Marvel’s Avengers leaker Miller Ross datamined the skin out of the game on December 13 and shared pictures of the render online. A few content creators then got early access to the outfit and posted videos of it in action shortly after. Crystal Dynamics strangely didn’t post about the skin until December 28, a day before its release.