AEW Releases Unseen Video Of Brawl After Dynamite ‘Winter Is Coming’ Special

By | December 6, 2020

AEW Dynamite’s Winter Is Coming special continued even after the show was off the air. Some fans thought it was odd that Eddie Kingston was screaming on commentary that he wants to fight Lance Archer. He got that wish.

Eddie Kingston and Jake Roberts got into a verbal altercation after the show went of the air. Then Lance Archer entered the situation. Eddie Kingston struck Jake Roberts, and then Archer brawled with Kingston.

The Blade, Butcher, and The Bunny arrived and then Fenix and Penta El Zero M stopped them. AEW officials were all over the place to break up the chaos. Then Lance Archer made a big statement in Eddie Kingston’s direction.

“Hey Eddie! You think I forgot? I never forget, and next week, I’m kicking your ass. And all of you boys, especially you, Allie — you don’t ever touch me again — this is going down. And next week on Dynamite, your ass is grass, punk ass b*tching.”

AEW’s roster is full of heightened emotions right now. So many are scratching and clawing their way up the roster. Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer certainly have a brawl in their future. You can check out the video below.